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Ignoring the problems faced on computers and phones can cause problems to become larger. It may not be possible to replace such devices very frequently. Therefore, it is necessary to consciously solve the problems encountered in use.

Randomly pull out en i transactions

This problem that you may encounter on your smartphone or on your computer is the opening of applications spontaneously and some processes occur. In this case, you can suspect imagined software. You can reset your phone to fix the problem.


The slowdown problem, which can be expressed as the fact that the transactions can take place in a very long time, can also be seen on smart phones, but can also be on computers. The solution of this rather annoying situation for the phone is; uninstalling unused apps, cleaning storage space and analyzing SD card. If these steps do not change the result, you should return your phone to factory settings. If you experience this problem on the computer, you can close the applications running in the background, make free hard disk space, update the software.

Spam mails

The biggest and oldest communication method in the world can be a tool for e-mail cyber attackers. You can use a variety of software to block spam mails that contain unexpected, misleading, wrong items. Since setting a strong password for your e-mail addresses will not be sufficient for security, you can use a two-factor authentication method.

Change in application settings

Automatic application updates can cause differences in application settings. You should scan if unannounced changes occur without updating.

Continuous crash

When too much load is placed on PC components, collapse can occur with overheating. By detecting hardware and software problems, you can troubleshoot accordingly. Since it will not be enough to solve PC crashes with a single source, you should get technical support. Check the network connection issues, delete temporary files and restore the default theme for the app crash issue that can occur on Android phones.

Pop-up ads

It is natural to see pop-up ads in internet use; but if this happens very often, you can deduce that there is a problem. In this case, look at your browser's plugins and clear the cache.

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