Turkey's most comprehensive summit in mobile health technology in an increasing share in the health sector, the Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu, Rector of Health Sciences University. Dr. It will be held at Swissotel The Bosphorus on March 10 with the participation of important names such as Cevdet Erdöl. In the “Health Technologies Leaders Summit”, which will bring together the leaders of the industry developing leading technologies and well-known health professionals, many topics from wearable health technologies, artificial intelligence and mobile technologies applied in health, Big Data to IoT technologies in chronic diseases will be discussed.

marlinplus second time this year organized by the Health and Technology "Health Technology Leaders Summit", most comprehensive mobile health technologies will be held in Turkey with the contents of the summit. Summit, senior officials of the Ministry of Health, Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu and Rector of the University of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. With the participation of Cevdet Erdöl it will be held at Swissotel The Bosphorus on March 10.

Göksenin Aydın: “The interest in technology is increasing day by day in the health sector”

Göksenin Aydın, the Founding President of MarlinPlus Health and Technology, noted on behalf of the Summit Organizing Committee that investments and interest in technology in the health sector are gradually increasing.

Göksenin Aydın provided the following information:

“Mobile health technologies provide more effective tracking of health data through mobile devices. In a sustainable healthcare system, the importance of mobile health applications is increasing day by day in order to spread quality health services and manage costs. "2nd. Health Technologies Leaders Summit ”will be an important gathering where technology leaders in health and health will share their experiences, convey their future visions, and contain scientifically and technologically enriched content.”

News about the summit, the first of which will be held in 2018, will be streamed through live connections from NTV screens. At the summit this year, participants from leading companies in the health, health insurance, medical, informatics, telecommunications and technology sectors will share developments in their vision of innovation, innovative thinking, technologies of the future and digital transformation.

Everything from Wearable Health Technologies to Chronic Diseases Big Data…

At the summit, under the heading of “Mobile Health Technologies / Diabetes” determined as the main topic, technologies developed in this field, systems working integrated with medical measurement devices, data transfer devices and technologies, personal data protection and information security, IoT platform software and health location, future health technologies and innovation will be discussed.

“Wearable Health Technologies, Robot Surgeons and Distance Medicine Applications”, “Mobile Technologies Applied in Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence, Diabetes Technologies in Mobile Health”, Platform Operation with Data Advantage in IoT and Artificial Intelligence Age, “With M-Health Applications Many topics such as "What Can Be Done?", "Big Data and DNA Analysis in Chronic Diseases", "How to Provide Cyber ​​Security in Personal Data", "Business Models of Digital Age in Health" will be among the topics to be discussed at the summit.

Rector of the University of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl, Head of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Memorial Health Group. Dr. Bingür Sönmez, Yeditepe University Hospitals, Internal Diseases Endrocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist. Dr. Hasan Aydın, Acıbadem Taksim Hospital Chief Physician Dr. Tamer Karşıdağ Medtronic Turkey, West Asia and the Levant Region Chairman Ayhan Ozturk, Marmi Assistance Chairman Berne Atacama Ökten 's too many experts in the field where the name will also be speaking at the summit of the session.

In the sessions where all stakeholders of the related sectors from public and private institutions will come together, the latest technologies about innovative initiatives and existing systems will be discussed while discussing joint solution alternatives and vision for the future.

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