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Most people believe that awareness of cyber threats can be enough to stand firmly in the face of cyber hackers. However, the mistakes known correctly leave them vulnerable to renewed threats.

Enough to protect strong password

Instead of simple passwords, it is necessary to protect with passwords made of strong combinations. However aE3! 4 *? A strong password does not mean that malicious people will not be able to get it. In addition to the strong password, you should take different measures and change the password frequently.

Theft of the email account is not important

We came across examples in the last quarter of 2019, which show that people who do not use their e-mail address very often have the wrong idea of ​​“what if e-mail is stolen”. The stolen e-mail account can cause other accounts to be compromised or the bank account to be hijacked.

I'm not going to unsecure sites

You can be knowledgeable about the phishing method, one of the most common methods of cyber attackers, and be sure that you will not be misled by clicking links. While in the digital world, this is not always possible. It is possible to suddenly mislead and click on links or ads that you are not sure of. Moreover, the attackers can trap with social media ads that mimic banks or corporate businesses.

I'm not hacking len

Cyber ​​attack types are constantly developing, malware is becoming more common. While cyber pirates continue to cause irreversible damages with different tactics, the methods of protection you are sure of can be outdated. You should stay up to date by following the reputable security sources and the developments reflected in the media. Otherwise, you will not be able to protect your personal information and yourself.

Vir I could have known the base

Cyber ​​attacks via ransomware show symptoms, while it may not be easy to notice effects in other attack types. You can protect your device and thus your personal information by downloading comprehensive cyber security software from a trusted source. Don't forget to renew the expired security software.

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